Top 15 most popular perfumes for women

This list, which we have compiled for the best perfume recommendations for women, is based on the most preferred and most popular perfumes for women for years, but gives the impression of a subjective list. We have done similar research on our list of the best men’s perfumes here You can click. We don’t know how important the smell memory is! If this is the case, many people will spend years finding the characteristic fragrance. Thanks to this list, which we have prepared for you, you can learn the most popular perfumes for women and enjoy one of the most popular fragrances in the world. Let’s start when you’re ready! Here are the 15 most popular perfumes that will be remembered with their fragrance.

1. Burberry – Burberry Classic

Burberry Classic, one of the best women’s perfumes ever, stands for stylish and confident women. Top notes are green apple, bergamot, peach, apricot and plum, base notes are musk and vanilla and middle notes are jasmine and sandalwood. If you are one of those who want to have a fragrance over time, Burberry Classic is for you!

2nd Christian Dior – Hypnotic Poison

Dior combines the forbidden fruit with the courage of femininity and creates a modern love potion. Hypnotic poison that combines the opposite content in a great way; Contains bitter almonds, cumin, lilies, jasmine, musk, vanilla and the mysterious Jacarandra. A great choice to get your fragrance drunk around you!

3rd Paco Rabanne – Lady Million

Let’s continue with one of the most classic perfumes from the Paco Rabanne family. Lady Million, which always takes her place in the list of the best perfumes for women; She represents passionate, intelligent, dazzling and vampiric women. While the top notes are completed with orange, flower extract and raspberry, the base notes are patchouli and amber. Of course there are jasmine and gardenia in the heart notes, which the fragrance is dizzy.

4th Chanel – chance

Chanel, one of the first names that come to my mind when it comes to perfume, is one of the best perfumes for women on our list with its Chance fragrance. If you’re looking for a dizzying scent that’s warmed with vanilla and accented with iris and jasmine, you’ve come to the right place! The white musk in this wonderful perfume opens new doors for your senses!

5. Dolce & Gabbana – light blue eau de toilette

Light Blue has always taken its place among the best perfumes for women and is still the first choice for elegant women. Thanks to the sour fruits in the top notes, it is fun and nourishes your soul with its elegant marigold essence. If you’re looking for a fun scent, Light Blue is for you!

6. Lancôme – La Vie est Belle

La Vie Est Belle, one of Lancôme’s best women’s perfumes, was created by three leading perfume manufacturers in France. Inspired by Julia Roberts’ smile, La Vie Est Belle once again reveals the beauty of life. Jasmine, orange blossom and pure patchouli aside; Thanks to Iris Pallida extract, the most exclusive and rarest ingredient in the world, the door to an unforgettable experience opens.

7. Viktor & Rolf – flower bomb

Flowerbomb, which is always among the best perfumes for women, steals the hearts of flower lovers. Flowerbomb offers a delicious and floral experience. Top notes come from Sentifolia Rose, Jasmine, Orchid and Osmanthus. You should definitely give this addictive scent a try!

8th. Chloé – signature

The fragrance of women who feel free, Chloé Signature allows you to relive the spring season thanks to the Indian peonies, roses, tropical fruits and amber in their notes. Signature, one of the most provocative scents of all time, fascinates everyone who experiences it, thanks to the unique fragrance of tropical fruits.

9. Carolina Herrera – good girl

Just like black and white, Good Girl, inspired by the contrast between good and bad, brings femininity and vampires to new heights. Good Girl, inspired by the femininity and charm of women, also draws attention with its stylish bottle design. Brave, challenging, provocative and powerful… Sweet jasmine creates a bright atmosphere, while cocoa offers a dizzying experience. An unprecedented perfume for those who want to express their femininity!

10th Dior – J’adore

They know that a bouquet of flowers always accompanies a woman on her most important days. Based on this idea, Dior also offers a bouquet to all women who want it. J’Adore was developed for radiant, happy and passionate women and consists of the exotic scent of a special magnolia grown in India and the sweet scent of French violet.

11. Chanel – No. 5

Of course, it’s not even possible to make the list of the best perfumes for women and not set Chanel # 5! Chanel N ° 5, one of the most classic and best perfumes for women of all time, fascinates everyone who smells with its oriental fragrance. Chanel N ° 5, a timeless perfume, is a classic icon. Vetiveri, sandalwood, vanilla and amber in the base notes; Top aldehydes offer a unique experience with bergamot, lemon and ylang ylang.

12. Jean Paul Gaultier – Classique

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, which emphasizes a versatile female vision, was created for fascinating Amazon women. Classique, which brings memories to life and emphasizes the provocative notes of feminism, has roses and rum in the top notes, while it has amber, sandalwood and vanilla in the base notes.

13. Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle

Coco Mademoiselle, indispensable for elegant and feminine women, opens the doors of a romantic experience. With its pink bottle and seductive smell, it takes you to the height of romance! Orange and tangerine in the top note are complemented by orange blossom and bergamot. Indispensable for anyone looking for a funny and romantic fragrance!

14. Lancôme – Hypnôse

Hypnôse is an elegant and ambitious fragrance that represents women who use their charm for the man they love. Based on the image of a mysterious and charming woman, Hypnôse fascinates those who experience it with its seductive fragrance. If you want to carry the perfect harmony of woody and oriental scents, Hypnôse is just the thing for you!

15. Calvin Klein – euphoria

Calvin Klein Euphoria represents women who have no boundaries and want to make all their dreams come true. She fascinates everyone who experiences it thanks to the black orchid in her notes. If you are taking a stroll through a seductive flower garden and want to discover all the details of your femininity, you should definitely give Euphoria a try!

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