The most practical way to ensure hygiene at home: steam cleaners

Steam cleaners are one of the most preferred products for practical and reliable cleaning at home. Especially for pet owners, families with babies and allergy problems, it is undoubtedly important to maintain a high standard of hygiene in the home environment while everyone’s home cleaning routine has changed during the epidemic. In view of the rate of spread of the corona virus, especially those who are in contact with the outside world must take additional hygiene measures.

Steam cleaners enable effortless cleaning by easily removing steam, microbes, dirt and oil on parquet floors, ceramic surfaces, carpets, floors, kitchen and bathroom surfaces. You can have one of the steam cleaning machines to make your job easier when we do long hours of cleaning at home.

Karcher SC 1 Easyfix steam cleaner

Steam cleaner

One of the most practical steam cleaner models from Karcher. Karcher SC 1 offers reliable cleaning throughout the house and is easy to use thanks to its compact and lightweight design. Kärcher Compact SC 1 EasyFix is ​​supplied with accessories such as a microfiber mop for cleaning narrow floors, a narrow nozzle and an extension tube for other surfaces such as tiles, spacers, cookers and hoods. Thanks to its strong steam pressure of 3.0 bar, it cleans bacteria to 99.99%. It removes even stubborn dirt and oil from the surface in a short time. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the easy-to-transport steam cleaning machine Karcher SC 1 makes it possible to ensure high hygiene standards even in hard-to-reach parts of the house.

Karcher SC 2 Easyfix steam cleaner

Karcher SC 2 Easyfix is ​​one of the most popular models for steam cleaners and is characterized by its compact design and strong rod pressure. The steam cleaning machine offers effective performance when cleaning hard floors, household items, floors, kitchens and bathrooms and can kill 99.99% of household bacteria. Thanks to the two-stage steam installation, the steam pressure density can be adjusted to the degree of dirt on the floor. The Karcher SC 2 Easyfix model offers long-term use with a water tank volume of 1 liter. Comes with an easily changeable hard floor cloth, microfiber bag for manual cleaning, steam gun and extension tube.

Onetick H2O steam cleaner

Steam cleaner

With its multi-head design, the Onetick steam cleaning machine offers practical cleaning options for all surfaces of the house. With its 110-degree pressure steam outlet, it offers hygiene in all areas where the steam application does not damage particularly hard floors, floors, household items, kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The Onetick H2O steam cleaner offers the most effortless way to remove bacteria, dirt and oils and helps you to clean your home in a short time without chemicals.

Arçelik K 7800 steam cleaner

Steam cleaner

Arçelik Buharika K 7800 with its 1 liter water tank content and fast heating-up time is a very effective and practical aid for cleaning all surfaces in a short time. The Arçelik steam cleaning machine is supplied with an accessory set that has been specially developed for different surfaces. The set includes accessories such as floor cleaning accessories and microfiber cloths for hard floors, triangular nozzles and cleaning mops for floors, glass cleaning devices, brushes and water sprayers for narrow areas.

Steam cleaner Steam cleaner

With the steam cleaner developed for home use, you can easily remove stubborn dirt with a steam pressure of 3 bar. Thanks to its compact design and the headers developed for different areas, you can get anywhere and make the whole house hygienic in a short time. Steam cleaner is one of the best alternatives for those looking for an affordable steam cleaner.

ALF BT 123 Hero steam cleaner

ALF Hero steam cleaner is a very effective product for cleaning hard floors with 3.5 bar high-pressure steam technology. Thanks to its 2 steam outlets from below and in front, it removes even the hardest dirt in a short time and offers effortless cleaning. The ALF steam cleaner, designed vertically for hard floors, has a 0.2 liter disinfection container, with the exception of a 0.6 liter water tank. special cleaning Thanks to Crystalin Disinfectant, the solution offers micro and biological cleaning.

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