The best short hairstyles that let you say I want it when I see it

We live in a century in which the sense of fashion is constantly changing and developing. With the changing understanding of fashion, we keep pace and change. Hair, which is very important for women, can change from time to time. Your perceptions have already passed like a wind. The most popular hairstyles in recent times mostly come from short hairstyles. Caring for short hair, which is preferred by more stylish women, is also easier than long hair. The air of short hair that is nourished and shaped faster is much more. In addition, the widespread use of short hair has brought with it various short haircut models. Now there are thousands of different short hairstyles to make you more attractive and attractive. All you have to do is decide which of the short hairstyles you want on our list. When you think, don’t forget to choose your face shape. When we’re ready, we’ll move on to the best short hairstyles that make people think who can’t do without long hair.

Wavy short hairstyles

Wavy short hairstyles are among the short hairstyles that highlight your face. It is very easy to shape the wavy models so that you feel comfortable but cool. After washing, rub and dry your hair ends with a styler suitable for your hair type. Since your hair is short, it dries quickly. Then it is so easy to get the look you want!

Curly short hairstyles

If you have curly hair, a few layers more will highlight your curls. Lightly pleated short hairstyles blend into your curls and give them a more natural look. Curly women may also prefer layered bob-cut hair. Bob hair, which has been very popular lately, helps create a modern and eye-catching style. After washing your hair, use the styling without combing and distorting the natural curls, and then dry your hair with the wide mouth of the hair dryer without sprinkling much. If you’re not curly, you can use heat styling tools to have curly hair. Since your hair is short, your process will be short.

Straight short hairstyles

For people with straight hair, it is beneficial to use pleated cuts as well as curly hairstyles. You can choose bob cuts for cooler and more voluminous hair. If you’re considering a model at shoulder height, you can support your hair with bangs or rivets. Because the hair is straight, it can easily take shape. What you need to consider is the use of a care product that will not aggravate your hair after washing. So you can shape your hair according to your wishes.

Short blunt hairstyles

The short blunt hairstyle manages to be everyone’s lover as a hairstyle that has been around for a long time and has lost none of its popularity. We are sure that every woman tries at least once in her life. The unbearable lightness and eye-catching shape of short blunt hair that you can use with or without bangs or rivets will make you feel better.

Models with short hair buns

If you think you can’t make a cool bun with short hairstyles, you’re wrong. Because great buns can be made with short hairstyles. We have created a list of simple hairstyles for women who love short haircuts but say I have difficulty shaping. Here are the elegant bun models with short hair …


  • Neck bun

Nape is a model that you can prefer for evening dresses on buttons, invitations and in a place where you can enjoy a wedding or evening entertainment. You can just apply it yourself. Nape Bun, a model that short-haired women can easily apply, gives you a stylish and comfortable look.


  • Braided bun

Braided bun is a model that is often used to give your hair a romantic touch. The braided bun models combine both modernity and the romantic atmosphere of the braid and are a suitable hairstyle for any type of invitation. In addition, it is quite easy to do.


  • Half a bun

Half bun hairstyle is very popular today. With the help of a small wire buckle and a small spray, you can easily make a half button at home, which is a very comfortable and modern hairstyle for everyday use. You can leave the remaining part of your hair either straight or wavy.


  • Princess bun

The princess bun, a tight model put together above, is a savior on the days when you have to be the fastest. Due to its simple construction, it is often preferred both on special days and in everyday life. Since it is narrow and clear, it goes with stylish or comfortable combinations. Make the top part of your hair bun and fasten the remaining short parts around the bun with wire buckles.


  • Messy bun

The diffuse button is one of the models that, like other button models, can be easily manufactured and save the day. You can complete your favorite dress with a diffuse bun model that you can prefer especially for special occasions.


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