Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle reinterpret Princess Diana's outfits

Many felt that Princess Diana’s fashion sense was as great as she was. In this sense, Lady Di has definitely left unforgettable traces. Princess Diana, who had millions of laws with her tragic death, led many fashion trends. Even pearl accessories made it fashionable again. Today’s princesses Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton were also inspired by Diana’s flawless fashion sense. Here are 14 combinations of Megan Markle and Kate Middleton reinterpreting Princess Diana’s clothes …

1. 1997 – 2019

Iconic red-purple outfit. Duchess Meghan in 2019 Diana Spencer Edi tried this unusual color combination and got a pretty impressive look.

2. 1985 – 2019

Princess Diana perfectly combined elegance and comfort with this cute polka dot dress to take a photo at Kensington Palace in 1985. Duchess Kate chose this dotted dress when she visited the D-Day exhibition in Bletchley Park in 2019.

3rd 1997 – 2019

Princess Diana wore this beautiful outfit when she attended the Sandhurst Military Academy. In 2019, Meghan Markle chose this elegant hat for the Commonwealth event.

4. 1984 – 2018

Kate Middleton showed princess Diana sweet respect when she posed with her newborn son Prince Louis in 2018. Princess Diana was found to hold Prince Harry in the same hospital in 1984.

5. 1990 – 2019

Princess Diana chose the perfect dress for Diamond Ball in London in 1990. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, chose a similar outfit for the Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall.

6. 1995 – 2016


Princess Diana and Kate Middleton show that pastel colors are also very assertive for a perfect look. While Princess Diana wore this outfit at a celebration, Duchess Kate looked very professional with a similar outfit on her first solo trip to the Netherlands.

7. 1982 – 2020


Meghan Markle repeated the beautiful green look of Princess Green for an event by the Nations Community in Westminster Abbey. The princess had chosen this outfit when she was pregnant with Prince William in 1982.

8. 1986 – 2018


Both Princess Diana and Duchess Kate remind you that you should never be afraid of color with the help of her pink coat.

9. 1997 – 2018


Princess Diana’s stunning red dress was the perfect choice for a gala dinner in Washington DC. Meghan Markle colored her arrival in Tonga with this red dress.

10. 1985 – 2019


Princess Diana highlighted her royal status with this dress when she attended a reception in Washington DC, while Duchess Kate performed with this dazzling dress at a film premiere in London.

11. 1985 – 2018

Meghan Markle was inspired by Princess Diana’s appearance in 1985 when she first appeared on Royal Ascot in 2018, and this wasn’t the wrong choice.

12. 1983 – 2017

Lady Di’s love of bright colors was well known. During a visit to Australia in 1983, this cute pink outfit was pretty nice. Duchess Kate knew that this pink outfit would definitely be the perfect choice for summer.

13. 1982 – 2019

Princess Diana wore an elegant green coat when she visited Bristol while she was pregnant with Prince William in 1982. While Meghan was pregnant with her son in Markle, she preferred a similar look at the Commonwealth Day Youth Event in 2019.

14. 1983 – 2019

Kate Middleton should look best for BAFTAs in 2019, so she channeled Princess Diana’s one-shoulder dress to the James Bond premiere. When in doubt, returning to Lady Di is the safest way.

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