Don't neglect sport: 18 best free training apps you can use at home

Corona virus initiated extraordinary measures in all countries of the world. Millions of people are reluctant to leave their homes. In some countries curfews are imposed, while in some countries the public is warned not to go out. In addition, art, culture and sports activities have stopped almost all over the world. In our country cinemas, cafes, gyms and restaurants were closed. In the days when we are at home, we can do sports to spend our time efficiently and reduce our stress. The fact that the gyms are closed does not mean that we will remove the sport from our lives. We can continue doing sports at home. If you are looking for a program for this, we will of course take you to our content. We would say the best practice practices for you. Here are exercise methods that will help you maintain your health and lose weight.

1. Sworkit

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This application with over 25 million users is very popular. In the sworkit application with movement categories such as strength, cardio, yoga and stretching, you can restrict your movement for any period of time. On the other hand, if you select the area of ​​your body that you want to perform in the application, you can view the appropriate workouts. Video content offered in the app usually supports device-free training. Therefore, this application is very suitable for those who want to do sports at home.

2. Nike Training Club

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One of the most recommended uses by many sports coaches; Nike Training Club. Application is strongly recommended. Thanks to the simple and useful interface and the various programs, this application is one of the most preferred applications. This application, in which you will find many exercise programs created by master trainers according to personal needs, is free. Of course, there are also premium programs in the application that you can buy for a certain fee.

3. Adaptive

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Aaptiv offers thousands of options by adding 30 new language courses to its program each week. The app contains techniques, tips, and encouraging instructions to help you keep up with your exercise. The app even creates unique playlists to accompany your workout. You can use Aaptiv for free for seven days and then purchase a membership for a certain fee.

4. Peloton Digital membership

Trading live exercises is now easier than ever. The Peloton app has extended the free 30-day trial to 90 days to help people cope with staying at home. The field; HIIT offers live exercise classes in yoga, running, strength and other categories that don’t require equipment.

5. Body Boss

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Another app that is one of the best exercise apps is BodyBoss. This app offers a range of workouts that will help you stay fit within 12 weeks. In practice, there are some guides to maintaining nutritional goals with different toning and exercise types.

6. ClassPass

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classpass; In addition to access to various fitness classes such as yoga, fitness, barre, martial arts, pilates, boxing and indoor cycling, it also offers a wider range of services with a monthly subscription with fixed fees.

7. CrunchLive

CrunchLive provides access to over 85 virtual training courses. These exercises are the most popular crunch classes such as full body workouts, dance cardio, Pilates, yoga and more. After the 10-day free trial, you can access all workouts for a specific monthly fee.

8. Fit365

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Fit 365 is an app that responds to different requirements. With this feature, it is one of the best practice applications. With this application you can gain or lose weight or keep your appearance taut. You can quickly see the difference using the instructions that are specific to your purpose. The app also offers recommendations for healthy eating. Fit 365, which was selected in the “Best App Store” list in 2016, offers a selection of English and Turkish languages.

9. SWEATers

With this application; You can track popular events and activities and find friends who are active in your area. This application, which makes the exercises much more fun, also allows you to get information about eating habits.

10. Gymaholic

On the other hand, this application asks which parts of the body you would like to train and offers you the appropriate training. On the other hand, there is also general information about exercise programs. You can determine the duration of your exercises and the level of difficulty. This application, which you can try out for free in the first week, offers various pricing options.

11. Training for women: Fitness app

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This application offers sports motion videos for women; It has a very simple interface. The application, in which video designs are extremely successful, is updated regularly. The app gives you access to many workouts.

12. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

One of the biggest advantages of this application, which you can take advantage of by listening out loud without having to make eye contact, is that you can choose your own trainer. Depending on the sports program of the trainer you have chosen, you will be directed out loud. To access this application, where you record your phases and watch your progress.

13. Seven – 7 minutes of training

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This application, which can be easily used by people who do not have a lot of sports history and do not like sports, offers 7-minute exercise videos per day. By watching, the greatest benefit is achieved in the shortest possible time.

14. FitnessBuilder

Is fitnessbuild; It contains movements that can be performed at home based on professional users. There are many different exercises in use. However, these are not very suitable for those who are just starting out.

15. Fit30: workout at home

Fit: 30, one of the most preferred exercise applications, requires no equipment and is an application for exercises that are done entirely at home. In the application where you will find many exercises to maximize your fat burning and shape your stomach, hips and muscles, the exercises are very effective for only a few minutes.

16. Freeletics

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This practice application also provides an environment where you can participate in competitions to become more ambitious and motivated. You can earn your points by reaching and achieving your weekly goals.

17. Pumatrac

If you are new to sports, you should definitely take a look at this exercise application. Pumatrac, one of the most well-known exercise exercises, offers many opportunities to love sport. With the app, you can get the exercise you need with personalized workouts. Pumatrac also helps you see where athletes are doing sports in your area.

Bulldog Yoga

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Bulldog Online is designed to intimidate yoga. It offers live yoga classes that you can take anytime and quickly. You can try Bulldog Yoga Online free for 30 days. This practice application personalizes all yoga movements for you and speeds up the process of getting used to yoga.

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