Can half a tablespoon of olive oil improve your heart health a day?

Healthy eating is essential for a healthy life. Many studies have shown that chronic diseases are caused by both an unhealthy diet and genetics. Many diseases, from heart diseases to diabetes, cancer and obesity, are directly related to our eating habits. As such, many different diets emerged, from ketogenic to intermittent fasting to the Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean diet has been favored quite often lately. The Mediterranean diet contains plenty of olive oil. One study found that half a tablespoon of olive oil improves heart health every day. Let’s look at the details together.

The benefits of olive oil it is already known to many. It is emphasized that olive oil used in meals should be particularly natural.

olive oil

A new study has been done on the benefits of olive oil. The researchers presented their findings to the American Heart Association

olive oil

The research results presented included long-term data analyzes from the 1990s. According to the research; Eating half a tablespoon of olive oil a day reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 15 percent.

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On the other hand, the risk of coronary heart disease drops by 21 percent. Marta Guasch-Ferre, one of the main authors of the research, said:

Olive oil heart health

Marta Guasch-Ferre, a research associate in the nutrition department of Harvard Public Health’s TH Chan School in Boston; “This type of work was seen mainly in the Mediterranean and European populations. So far, however, there has been no study showing results in the US population. ” he said.

Researchers say other vegetable oils have similar properties in maintaining heart health.

Olive oil heart health

Gouache-ferre; “More research is needed to confirm the health effects of vegetable oils. But there are positive relationships between other vegetable oils like corn or safflower oil and heart health. “He spoke in the form.

It was also noted that these results are in line with current recommendations, which emphasize quality rather than amount of fat intake. So it is not as much as you eat, it is important to consume a natural oil

Olive oil heart health

Replacing animal fats with healthier alternatives such as olives or vegetable oil is an important step towards cardiovascular health. However, this is not enough to protect your heart health.

Good heart health also requires physical activity, a balanced diet and regular medical check-ups.

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