91-year-old grandma Baddie Winkle with the physique of stone removal for adolescents

You have often heard the word “act according to your age” around you. However, this is also a fact; You are not the age that you are, but the age that you feel. Therefore: “What does Elalem say?” Don’t think and don’t do anything you want to do. It’s too late for anything! Now we’re introducing someone who will inspire you. 91-year-old, who never stopped being himself, with his motto “Steal your husband since 1928” (play your husband since 1928), his colorful personality and his likeable attitude; Helen Ruth van Winkle! Let’s get to know Instagram’s most colorful grandmother.

Helen Ruth van Winkle, known as Baddie Winkle, is a 91-year-old Instagram phenomenon, including Rihanna. Miley Cyrus and has 3.8 million followers, including Bella Thorne

Villain winks

Villain winks

The crazy grandmother, who increased her Instagram followers to 1 million in 2015, inspires young people on many topics and is not insensitive to social issues.

Villain winks

Baddie Winkle, who has been climbing his social media career since 2014, attended the MTV Video Music Awards in 2015 as a guest of Miley Cyrus and MTV.

Baddie Winkle also participated in the Today Show in Australia, and in 2015 the Grit Creative Group continued to use it as the face of the website launch campaign.

Baddie Winkley, who has become an icon on Instagram, also has a collection of beauty products in Sephora.

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Winkle, who, with his colorful personality and colorful style, questions both the behavioral pressure of society and the fashion rules, also has a book; “Baddiewinkles Guide to Life”

Winkle describes his own life in his book and gives the recipe for happiness as follows: “This is exactly the key to a happy life. Smile at people! Even if you see someone on the way. Most of the time you get a smile as an answer. ”

Baddie Winkle says the clothes make him happy again, especially after losing his wife and son

“My husband Earl died in a traffic accident on our 35th wedding anniversary and 20 years later I lost my son David to cancer. I have fought for years to overcome her death. I miss her every day. “Says Grandma Winkle.

Baddie Winkle describes his style as follows;

“I love colorful clothes and I love accessories. Chocker in particular is one of my favorite songs. “Winkle has been working as one of the Nova fashion models since last year.


1. Here are some of Baddie’s colorful combinations…






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Villain winks








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