8 rules you must follow for vaginal health

Vaginal infections affect many women today. Vaginal flora disorder is one of the biggest factors in vaginal problems caused by bacterial infections. The vagina flora plays a role in maintaining the natural structure of the vagina. The wrong choice of underwear, too tight clothes or vaginal douche leads to a deterioration of the flora. If the vaginal flora is compromised, there are invitations to infection. Therefore, it is necessary to observe both the hygiene regulations and the choice of underwear. We have written 8 clothing rules that you should keep in mind for vaginal health. On the other hand About the vagina if you need to know from here You can reach.

1. Generally make sure to choose natural fabrics

Vagina health

The fabric quality of your underwear is extremely important for the health of the vagina. If nylon tissues sweat more, this also affects the formation of bacteria in the genital area. This can lead to illness. However, natural and cotton fabrics let the skin breathe. This way you can be protected against certain infections, especially fungi.

2. Change your underwear every day

Vagina health

We usually wear underwear every day, so we change our laundry twice a day. However, this may not always be necessary. Some doctors say that it is enough to change the laundry once a day if there is no vaginal discharge. However, if you feel uncomfortable due to the formation of a vaginal discharge, you can change your laundry more than once a day.

3. If you don’t wear clothes at night, your vagina can breathe


There is a lot of controversy over whether it is healthy to sleep with underwear or not. But the truth is
For those who have a healthy vagina, both options are good. For those who have fungal infections occasionally, it can be more useful to let the skin breathe. However, if you are not wearing underwear, try changing your pajamas frequently.

4. Pay attention to the choice of laundry during training

Here too, wearing or not wearing underwear during training is a personal preference. However, since you sweat during exercise, you should prefer a moisture-wicking fabric. Sportswear in particular can consist mainly of nylon. However, be sure to buy cotton-based products. The most important thing is that your laundry does not wring out and bother you.

5. Straps are not bad for your vaginal health

Vagina health

It is often said that straps are bad for the health of the vagina and vulva. But that’s not really the case. Studies have found no evidence that straps cause yeast vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, or urinary tract infections.
In addition, according to a 2005 study, thongs had no effect on pH and aerobic microflora.

6. Wash your laundry with hypoallergenic soap

Be sure to wash your lace, cotton, or any type of laundry with hypoallergenic soap. If possible, even use natural cleaning agents. It is important that your laundry that comes into contact with your genital area is not exposed to a lot of chemicals. Because chemicals can cause irritation, itching or allergic reactions in the vulva.

7. Renew your underwear drawer every year

You are probably thinking about the life of your underwear until it gets old, its color fades or tears. However, it is important to replace all drawers once a year, especially for underwear. Because even clean underwear can contain around 10,000 bacteria. The reason for this is the presence of bacteria in the water of the washing machine. There are about a million bacteria in the water that only 2 tablespoons are used. According to these figures, 83 percent of your “clean” underwear contains 10,000 bacteria. In addition, around 83 percent of the “clean” underwear contains up to 10,000 bacteria.

8. Underwear you wear can affect your mood

Vagina health

Although invisible, (mostly) underwear can actually play an important role in how you feel. In a US-wide survey by ShopSmart, 25 percent of the women surveyed stated that their mood was affected by “unattractive” or poorly fitting underwear. In addition, almost half of the women surveyed (47 percent) found that they felt sexier or safer when wearing special underwear. Don’t underestimate the power of your most intimate clothes!

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