7 tips for those who don't want to hurt their skin while washing their hands

Shake the world with its influence since December 2019 Corona virus Due to the outbreak, countries and experts are sending encouraging calls to their peoples to wash their hands. It is imperative to wash or disinfect your hands. This is the most effective way to spread the infection, not to your hands and mouth. When it comes to hand washing; It is useful to pay attention to some methods that you should use and not so that your skin does not dry out or tear.

1. What you should prefer when using soap

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Using flat soap to wash your hands can cause some skin health mistakes. For example, according to the discourse of skin specialist Renee Rouleau, the soap bar can cause an incredible dryness of the hands due to the high pH. Therefore, moisture-based soaps should be preferred over flat soaps. In addition, washing hands with soaps containing glycerin and lanolin prevents irritation of the hands.

2. The use of petroleum jelly for cracks and eczema

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As skin specialist Lucy Xu suggests, people who have cracks due to excessive hand washing and who have eczema and psoriasis should use petroleum jelly. The use of petroleum jelly is good for the cracked and dried areas on the hand and ensures that your hands are not damaged as you have to wash them constantly.

You can also choose a liquid plaster if you have deep cracks that often appear in the cuticles and finger gaps. The liquid plaster is exactly the right way to heal the wound.

3. Hand disinfectant solution

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If you wash soap all the time, you can temporarily use a hand sanitizer instead. To eliminate the dryness and cracking of the soap, it is useful to wash your hands temporarily with the help of a hand disinfectant.

4. The importance of the humidifier

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It is a fact that the water that remains after washing your hands also dries your hands. Therefore, a layer of ointment or moisturizer that you apply after washing prevents your hands from drying out. Dr. According to Adam Friedman, the word “moisturizer” has no scientific meaning, but should be used for skin layer disorders. Friedman emphasizes the importance of moisturizer after hand washing and general use as follows:

1. It acts as a protective layer on the hand.
2. It soothes the skin.
3. It positively changes the appearance and texture of the skin.
4. Increases the water content of the epidermis (the first layer of our skin).

5. Wear gloves after moistening

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Experts also say that after hand washing, applying moisturizer and wearing gloves for 1-2 hours is useful. If you have damaged, cracked, or dry hands, but still cannot prevent yourself from constantly washing your hands, you should definitely try this method. The moisturizing cotton-based gloves that you wear on your hands after washing your hands or before going to bed are very useful.

6. Wash your hands with warm water instead of hot water.

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According to the call of many health ministers and medical professionals from all over the world, it is necessary to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. It is more advantageous to use warm water that plays in the heat than hot or boiling water. This is because the use of very hot water damages the protective layer on the hand and causes an increase in bacteria.
When washing hands, don’t forget to wash your palms outside between your fingers, wrists and nails.

7. Things to watch out for when drying your hands

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After washing your hands, you can dry your hands with paper towels instead of towels to avoid abrasion that can form on your skin and damage your skin. Paper towels are the cleanest and most useful in this regard. If you still prefer towels, you must change your towels every 2-3 days for health reasons. Make sure your hands are not wet and dry well as the wet hand contains more germs.

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