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Being a parent is considered one of the most beautiful emotions in the world. Although parenting feels good, it also means a great responsibility. The growth stage of babies is particularly difficult for mothers and fathers. Behind the beautiful poses that young mothers share on social media, sleepless nights, the inability to have time for themselves and much more. Even many women can suffer from postpartum depression because they cannot get used to this new way of life. In this article we will talk about what the mothers who need a little break can do. Our content is not about looking after a child, but about how mothers feel better in this process. We wrote 6 tips for mothers who said “I need a little break”. Pleasant readings!

When a child is born, each parent feels that they have lost control of their own lives. For example, you are afraid that your baby will wake up and cry, even if you want to shower, so that you delay the shower.


However, you should plan at least time for your basic needs. If you don’t, your nerves can wear out over time and burnout syndrome can occur.


This can make you feel bad and inadequate. Burnout syndrome can cause many things, from anger to indifference. However, we have some suggestions for you so as not to grasp this situation.


1. Relax


We are usually ready to support anyone other than ourselves. However, we have to think a little bit. Because if we are good, we can also benefit our fellow human beings. If things are not going the way you want, try to explain your problems and find solutions instead of blaming yourself. When you feel guilty, you feel bad. Instead, focus on good things. In other words, look at the whole side of the glass and comfort yourself. Ask yourself what you want and act when you feel bad.

2. Don’t just focus on your child

Most parents who are parents have their children in their lives. Yes, you can be a mother or a father, but first you are an individual. So don’t give up. Do what you have to do. Of course, don’t ignore your children’s rights. If you want another child, your child has the right to be jealous, or if you want to move to another place, your child may be upset. This is natural. You have the right to live your own life, and it is actually children who have to adapt to your lifestyle. You already want the right thing for them.

Psychologist Katerina Murashova says modern parents entertain their children as much as possible. But they forget to give them time to have fun. You should also live your own life. Parenting is not the only role you have.

3. Try to be a good mother, not a perfect one

The desire to be perfect requires so much energy that parents can start treating their children with indifference and even anger. Shout at the kids crying in the supermarket and “Don’t misplace me!” They came across “perfect mothers” screaming. In fact, children’s crying is completely normal and there is nothing to be ashamed of. But the desire to be perfect can even exaggerate these normal behaviors. When you try to be a perfect mother, you both compromise a lot and inadvertently put pressure on your child. If your child fails slightly, you can damage the bond between you by blaming yourself or him. You don’t have to be a perfect mother. You can make mistakes, that’s natural. You cannot control everything. Listen to your instincts and try to be a good enough mother.

4. Lower your standards

Do not compare yourself to Instagram mothers and rethink your expectations and needs for yourself. What are your rules and rules? It can be normal for others to clean the house every day. However, you don’t have to keep up with this pace. Maybe cleaning it every 2 weeks is enough. Instead of cooking every day, you might be able to eat or order out once a week. You may want help from your family elders. You may not be able to do everything on your own.

5. Find a source of motivation

Parents spend a lot of emotion and energy to raise their children. However, if they don’t motivate themselves in any way, burnout syndrome can result. So look for ways to motivate yourself. Go anywhere without your child, do something you like, don’t expect your relatives to recognize that you need help, ask them for help, spend money and time on yourself. For a child, the happy mother is 100 times more important than a new toy. So make yourself happy.

6. Keep in touch with your child

Maybe when you were angry or sad when you were a child your parents didn’t hug and comfort you. Some parents can be very far from their children. However, you can teach your children a different behavior model.

Think about what you can change about your relationship with your child. First, improve your empathy. It is important that you understand all of the child’s feelings, including negative ones (fear, jealousy, insecurity). Once you understand them, you can support them in difficult times. The more you strengthen your bond with your child and the more open you are in your relationship, the better you will feel.

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